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Ranma 1/2 Archive

For the Ranma 1/2 anime episode archive project

The Ranma 1/2 Archive
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This is the Ranma 1/2 Archive. I created it as a place to post my Ranma 1/2 anime episode archives. However, I also intend to use it as a sort of Ranma 1/2 blog containing my thoughts on various parts of the series. Membership is moderator-approval only. I will allow others to join and post if they join the Ranma 1/2 Archive Project. Non-members are still allowed to post comments.

The purpose of the Ranma Archive Project is to create transcripts and scene summaries of individual episodes of the Ranma 1/2 animated series, with particular attention paid to hidden or easy to miss details and/or errors in the animation or continuity. Differences from the original Ranma 1/2 manga will also be noted, except in the case of episodes not based on the manga. This project is intended to be nothing more than a fun little hobby for myself, and hopefully for other fans of Ranma 1/2. Some have ridiculed the project, saying it is pointless, but I have personally enjoyed working on it, and that's all that matters.

I hope others will join the Ranma 1/2 Archive Project. There are 161 episodes, 11 OAVs, and 3 movies in total. I work very slowly, and have other things to do besides, so I doubt I will ever see this project finished if I go it alone.

While I would like to get members who will work on entire episode archives, I will allow some people to join with smaller jobs if they are willing to help but have less time to give. So, I will create five "jobs" relating to the five sections of an episode archive. These five are: Archivist, Commentator, Error Finder, Manga Purist, and Reviewer.
Archivist will work on entire episode archives, but will be mainly concerned with the dialogue and scene summaries.
Commentator will focus only on section 2 "Useless Comments."
Error Finder will focus on section 3, for animation and continuity errors.
Manga Purist will focus on section 4, finding the differences between the manga and anime.
Reviewer will focus on section 5 "Fan Reviews."
(Yes, I will allow someone to join just as a Reviewer, but I would encourage members to take on multiple job unless they are already an Archivist.)

When joining the community, please send me an email telling me what jobs you are interested in doing, and I will send an email back giving you more detailed information about what I expect from members of the project. My email is written at the bottom of this section.

Members of the project will be listed here:

- Founder
- Archivist

Email me at kulikillzall@yahoo.com for more information about the project or this community.